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  1. I just received “urban calligraphy” piece I purchased and I love it. I was looking through your gallery and I noticed a recurring theme, 7890. what’s the significance of those numbers?

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    1. Hi Jeffrey,I am happy You loved the piece. Normaly my paintings look better in real life, I suppose because of texture, and all the little details in it. I recently painted a large blue mimimalistic painting, it look gorgeous on life, texture and little nuances, which are not visible on the photo, give this painting magical quality. The painting you purchased was painted about a year ago, i was a lot into numbers and letters at that time. I still incorporate a lot of script and writing in paintings, more like scribbles in Cy Twombly work. These particular numbers do not represent anything special , sorry , if I dissapoint you. They just look good together, purely aesthetic quality. “1” does not look as good. These numbers just go together well.
      When i printed the shipping label,I was surprised to see , that the painting just goes half an hour away from me. Anyway, thanks for purchasing the painting, enjoy! Have a great day!!!


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